Terms and Conditions

In Patient Care

In patient animals are regularly monitored between 8 am and 11pm with a final check between 11pm and midnight, however staff are not always on site between 11pm and 8am.

The level of overnight care is provided based on the need of the pet following clinical examinations.

We will increase the frequency of checks during the night, or provide 24 hour veterinary and nurse care at the practice or a specialist referral if we feel the pet requires this.

Our Out of Hours Emergency cover is provided by Vets Now at PDSA Pet aid Hospital Campus Way, Gillingham, ME8 0RR

Tel 01634 366 846



You may obtain Prescription Only Medicines Category V ( POM –Vs ) from a veterinary surgeon at this practice or ask for a prescription and obtain medicines from another Veterinary Surgeon or Pharmacy.

Veterinary surgeons may only prescribe POM -Vs only for animals under their care.

A prescription may not be appropriate if your animal is an in patient or immediate treatment is necessary.

You will be informed on request of the price of any medicine or service that may be provided for your pet


Repeat Prescriptions

Please give 48 hours notice to order repeat prescriptions.

By law in order to prescribe a drug we have to assess an animal’s disease or condition so that the most appropriate drug can be given.
A vet can prescribe medicine repeatedly to help with long term illness, if the animal is regularly re assessed.

Our policy is to re-assess animals requiring repeat prescriptions at least every 6 months but this may vary depending on circumstances, it is also policy that animals receiving medication for some conditions eg thyroid disease, diabetes have regular blood tests in order for the correct medication and dose to be supplied.

For prescription flea and worm products, only an annual check is required.
(These checks are chargeable but are free ,with a paid for health check or when your pet is vaccinated)


Practice Financial Policy Statement

  1. All services will be invoiced immediately and must be PAID for at the time of delivery by cash, credit card or cheque supported by a valid guarantee. In the case of emergency an animal will be given pain relief and first aid.
  2. We are not licensed under the CONSUMER CREDIT ACT 1974 and so are unable to offer credit facilities.
    Assistant Vets and Nurses are not authorised to offer credit ( except in the case of emergency treatment where they are in sole charge of the practice )
    Any request for credit MUST be referred to a director or the Practice Manager
  3. We do not release animals from our care until fees are paid.
  4. Clinical records including copies of images ( xray and ultrasound ) remain the property of the practice. Copies may be made available but may incur a copying charge
  5. We will estimate fees on request – this may be in the form of a range of fees however we will inform clients if any estimated fees are likely to be exceeded
  6. Except in emergency BAD DEBTS ( previous treatment not paid for ) must be paid before further treatment.
  7. Practice property is not loaned without a deposit – leads and baskets are on sale at reception
  8. Clients use the practice premises and handle their own animals at their own risk
  9. CLIENT COMPLAINTS should be directed initially to the case veterinary surgeon and if the complaint cannot be resolved to the practice Director in writing

Privacy Policy

We do not share data with any outside organisation except in completing insurance claims on behalf of clients.

We do not use data for marketing.

We will only contact you if it is in the best interests of yourself or your pet eg to remind you of booster requirements or to give important health information.

For more information please call us on
01474 534891

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