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Please telephone on 01474 873370 for details.

Contact Info of NORTHFLEET

Shrubbery Veterinary Centre
65 Perry Street, Northfleet
Kent, DA11 8RD
01474 333141
T: 01474 534891/ 01474 333141

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Shrubbery Veterinary Surgery
5 The Link, New Ash Green
Longfield, Kent, DA3 8HG

T: 01474 873370


Our expert nurse clinics can give you tailored information about your pet’s condition

If you need specific advice about an aspect of your pet’s healthcare, or would like the opportunity to ask questions about anything that concerns you about your pet, why not take advantage of our nurse clinics?

Diabetes clinic

Our registered veterinary nurse Sharon Filmer has completed a course in diabetic care and management, and runs our diabetes clinics. She can advise on how best to manage your pet’s condition, including demonstrating the best techniques for administering their medication and insulin.

nurse-clinicsFlea & worming advice clinic

This clinic is run by our veterinary nurses. If you need any advice on the best flea and worming treatments to use for your pet, make an appointment to join them at one of these clinics. The appointment is free but a charge will be made for any products used on your pet.

Weight clinic

Overweight pets are at a greater risk of developing arthritis, heart and breathing problems, diabetes and having complications with surgery and anaesthesia. During weight clinics, your nurse will fully assess your pet and devise a healthy eating plan to reduce their weight, as well as monitoring their progress on a monthly basis.

For more information about any of our nurse clinics, or to book an appointment for your pet, please call us on 01474 534891.