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Don’t risk losing your pet – make sure they are microchipped

You know as well as we do how much animals like to play and explore their surroundings, but how would you feel if your pet ever wandered a little too far from home?

A microchip is an easy and reliable method of identifying your pet, which could make the difference between being reunited with your lost companion, or losing them forever. The chip itself is the size of a small grain of rice, which is inserted painlessly underneath your pet’s skin, just between their shoulder blades. It carries a unique number which is logged on the National Pet Database, alongside your name and contact details. If your pet is ever found wandering on their own, a quick scan of their chip will allow their rescuer to contact you and arrange for their safe return.

Microchip scanners are held by a number of animal welfare officials, including dog wardens, rescue centres and veterinary practices, who also have access to the Pet Log database.

The chip is embedded in your dog’s soft tissue, which keeps it in place. It is a much more reliable method of identification than a collar and tag, which can easily fall off or be removed. The process of insertion is quick and easy, and can be done during a normal consultation or while your dog is under anaesthetic for another procedure.

Microchipping is considered such an essential method of identification that by 2016 it will be a legal requirement for all dogs to have a chip. It is also an official condition of the pet passport scheme.

For more information about microchipping, or to book an appointment for your dog, please call and speak to a member of our friendly team on 01474 534891.