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Keep your pet’s teeth pearly white with regular dental check-ups

Did you know that oral disease is one of the most common conditions that affect domestic pets in the UK? The good news is that there are several steps you can take to prevent your pet from developing problems with their teeth or gums.

It’s important to remember that any problems with your pet’s mouth may not be immediately apparent. By the time they start to show signs of pain or unusual behaviour, it is likely that the condition will be well-established. Make sure you look inside their mouth regularly and check for any swelling, redness or signs of plaque or decay.

If you are not sure how to examine your pet’s mouth, our nurses can give you some great tips and advice on what to look for. Specialist dental clinics at The Shrubbery are run by Angela Gurney and Claire Carter; they can answer any questions you might have about your pet’s oral health, as well as advising on the best diet and lifestyle to keep problems at bay. They can also demonstrate how to use specially formulated pet toothbrushes and toothpastes, which can further help to keep your pet’s teeth squeaky clean.

However, even with the best will in the world, sometimes early warning signs can be missed. Common symptoms that your pet is experiencing pain or discomfort in their mouth include:

  • Refusal to eat – even when hungry
  • Repeated pawing of the mouth
  • Excessive salivation or dribbling
  • General lethargy and disinterest in playing or normal activities

If you suspect that your pet might have a dental problem that needs investigation, please make an appointment to bring them in to see us in practice. Your pet will be given a general anaesthetic to investigate anything more than mild plaque. This allows us to conduct a full assessment of their mouth which they might understandably find uncomfortable while conscious!

Depending on the findings from this investigation, your vet will then advise you on their recommended course of action, including any treatment options.

For more information about our dental clinics, or to make a dental appointment for your pet, please call us on 01474 534891.